Do You Flickr?

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I’ve been blogging for a while now, and I am constantly running across new blogs that I like and follow.  I really enjoy finding new photography blogs, because I love all the wonderful images and fantastically creative people behind them.  (Plus, my computer/connection aren’t that great sometimes, so I very rarely see SL with all the amazing shadows and lights. Stupid cable company. -.-)

As I read through blogs (even ones that aren’t about photography), it seems like every one of them has a Facebook page and a Flickr.  (Those two seem to be the most popular – there are of course Plurk, Tumblr, and others.)  Now, I’ve blogged repeatedly about my feelings for Facebook.  So, even though I would love to be able to keep up with my favorite SL stores, I am NOT going to get on Facebook to do it.  (A real downside for me, since LL encourages stores to have Facebook pages, since Facebook likes are tied to your ranking in search. Why they do this, I don’t understand, since Facebook has shown itself repeatedly to be unfriendly to avatar profiles.)

So now I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to me (and help increase my traffic) if I was also on Flickr.  If you have a Flickr account, what are your feelings about it?  Is it just yet another social media account to keep up with?  Is it useful?  How?  Is there anything I should know before I dive in?


4 thoughts on “Do You Flickr?

  1. Used to use flickr, lots of SLers on there. Absolutely hate it now. The new interface is dire, the attitude of the woman who runs it is appaling towards professional photographers, and I despise any service that demands a phone number from me to use. If it wasn’t for the fact Nai and my RL name already have accounts I would not have a flickr account.

    1. You have to provide a phone number to get a Flickr account? Ok, yeah, that’s probably a deal breaker for me as well. I’ll have to do a little more research. I like looking at the pretty pictures, but probably not that much. 😛

  2. I use Flickr but only to share some of my SL pics and admire others’ work. Since I suck at being active in social media, I don’t really use Flickr as a tool to connect with others or to do any of that “social media” stuff. I’ve never even thought of Flickr as belonging to the domain of social media until you pointed it out. I just think it’s a functional platform to publish pics and that’s all. I used to have Photobucket for that same purpose before but they changed their layout and made it too complicated-looking for me to use :p
    Oh, and I’ve never had to provide my phone number to be able to use Flickr.

    1. Well, those of us who suck at photography appreciate being able to view the works of those who don’t! Glad to know I don’t have to provide a phone number – it’s so hard to know where your information ends up these days.
      I may have to create an account, just because I keep hitting a wall when I try to view other’s pics – must be too much NSFW viewing! 😛

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