Happy Halloween!!

Image Source:  www.lovethispic.com
Image Source: http://www.lovethispic.com

It’s been a busy day here already, cleaning house and getting ready for the thousands of little people who will come a knock-knock-knockin’ on my front door tonight!  (Traffic usually picks up once word gets around about who has the ‘good candy.’ :-P)

It’s supposed to be cold here tonight, so I’m betting the little ones will be making the rounds early.  My kids are too old to trick-or-treat, so I’ll be spending my evening comfortably ensconced on the sofa in-between rounds of door-answering.

Halloween is finally here and you know what that means . . .

Only 56 days til Christmas!!!  Stores here have already taken down Halloween stuff, skipped right over Thanksgiving, and begun displaying Christmas items.

In other big news, Daylight Savings time will end this weekend for me.  Hallelujah!  I hate Daylight Savings with a passion.  We ‘spring ahead’ in March and don’t ‘fall back’ until November.  What’s the point???

May you and yours have a safe and happy Halloween, and may your bag be filled with the ‘good stuff!’  😀