The Night Theater is Wonderfully Wicked

Yesterday I attended the latest production of The Night Theater.  I hadn’t planned on attending the show, but I’m so glad I did!

The show was wonderfully creative and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The stage is not huge, there were only a few dancers in each number, and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen lately.  I snapped a few pics, but they do not do the show justice.  I loved the Frankenstein number – the creativity was so inspiring.  I was so distracted I forgot to snap a pic, darn it!

I did, however, get a pic of the ‘Funky Cold Medina,’ skeleton-style.

Nigh Theater 2_001

The headless dancers in the finale were a little creepy, but oh so entertaining!

Nigh Theater 3_001

If you haven’t seen it yet, you have one more chance.  Run, don’t walk, to the last performance!  It’s on Saturday, November 1, at 1pm SLT.  You won’t be disappointed.  😀

2 thoughts on “The Night Theater is Wonderfully Wicked

  1. I sooooo agree. I seen it too. Amazing creativity. I felt like it was so good that it was deserving or more fanfare. You just don’t expect that high level of entertainment it given the low-key environment. No big stage. 3-person dance group. Few particles. Clever sets, Great choreo with ideal dance selections. Perfect song selections. Great costuming. Non-pretentious presentation. And they causally, as they always do, interact with the audience comments that seems to break down walls of pretentiousness. Very very ingenious approach to the Halloween theme. Makes us wonder where we are missing the boat.

    1. The songs were not ones you’d typically think of for Halloween, but it all just worked together beautifully. And the scene with the top-view set? Really innovative.

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