New MadPea Hunt

I don’t go on many hunts anymore.  I ended up with a giant inventory full of things I will never use or wear.  So in the interest of keeping my inventory count low (and maintaining my own sanity), I don’t do them anymore.  It’s a great way to find lots of new places, so I sometimes participate for that reason.

However, the announcement that MadPea is doing a new hunt caught my eye.  I did their ‘Lost Mine’ hunt and loved it.  I love puzzles, so I love hunts where you have to solve puzzles.  Plus, you can’t just use ‘area search’ to find the item you need, zoom to it, get it, and tp on to the next spot in the blink of an eye. 😛

The new MadPea hunt (called ‘Blood Letters’) looks like it will be really fun – in a scary, erotic, adult kind of way.

You can read all about it here on Inara Pey’s blog.

It starts November 1st, so get your sleuthing gear ready!