Question of the Day #15 – Male vs. Female

women menJust when I thought I was going to get one of my biggest questions answered – but no.  After viewing the results of yesterday’s poll, it seems that nearly everyone (70%) has no idea why a venue asks the audience to set their viewer to midnight.  Something to think about, for those of us who create routines for others to enjoy.  No one (0%) thought that setting your viewer to midnight makes a performance look better.  And yesterday I attended a dance show that didn’t ask me to set my viewer to midnight.  Maybe times they are a changin’, eh?

Today, I wanted to delve into why there seems to be such a disparity in gender when it comes to dancers in troupe.  Females almost always outnumber males.  Why?  Is it due to audience preference?  I’m curious, so let’s find out. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Question of the Day #15 – Male vs. Female

  1. I hate sounding sexist, but women are a fecking headache to work with. 😛

    Gender difference I would put down to men just not being that into dance. Aside from Ric Lyle, how many men do you see in dance that appear just enjoy themselves while wiggling?

    The guys in the Kitten n Tigers are fun, not sure if any of them make dances though?

    Even when I did dances they were usually just another delivery method for my bad jokes.

    1. I can think of a few guys besides the ones you’ve mentioned. But yes – if you did the math, it’s probably 99% female, 1% male dancers. So why aren’t men ‘into dance’? Dancing is a female thing? Guys???? Or is it just that men don’t have the patience to choreograph a dance, design the movers, put together costumes, and corral other dancers? 😛

  2. Dancing in second life is not playing with cars, getting oily, playing with dogs, smelling of man, or other comparable manly things.

    Organising women also takes the right head. Something many women lack, and is totally absent all together in men.

    I’d say that’s the most part.

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