Interview with a Dancer #12 – Lady C

If you’ve been to a burlesque show in SL, you’ve probably seen this next dancer.  Please welcome the lovely Miss Lady C!

miss lady c



SL Name:  Lady Correia
Display Name:  Miss Lady C
Rez Day:  5/19/2009





What led you to/How did you start dancing in SL?
LC:  I came across a burlesque/cabaret club by the name of Lady Garden Cabaret and the owner invited me to perform there.  Since I have such a love for burlesque, I jumped at the offer.  I’ve been performing ever since.

How long have you been dancing?
LC: 5 years.

Where do you dance?
LC:   KiKi’s House of Burlesque.

How much time, on average, do you spend in SL each week?
LC:  About 30 hours.

Of that time, how much (%) is spent working on dances/performances?
LC:  About 50%.

How long does it take you to create a set (start to finish)?
LC:  In the beginning it took a couple days, but now I can build a set in about 5 hours if I don’t take breaks.

Name your ‘go-to’ store for dance animations.
LC:  Henmations or MyANIMATIONS.

What dance HUD do you primarily use?  Why?
LC:  I used to use Dance Control HUD which I really liked, but for some reason it stopped working for me.  Now I use Eve n Better Ultimate Dance HUD.  I use it because it isn’t complicated like some.

Do you build your own sets or work with a scripter/builder?
LC: I build my own from scratch.

Do you emote?  Why or why not?
LC:  I used to, but not anymore.  People commented that they came to watch the dance, not to read a book.  Having to read emotes takes people’s eyes away from the performance.  I always use female singers so the song tells the story.  I want people to enjoy the music, costume, set and dance movements, not have to concentrate on reading.

Where do you find your music?
LC:  YouTube.

What are your preferences when it comes to dance performances?  – Large/small sets; particles/none; effects/none; faders/none; emotes/none; movers/none; lighting/none;
LC:  I prefer a medium size set with glitz and glitter.  Effects and lighting are always important to the performance.

What’s the most embarrassing or frustrating thing that has happened to you during a performance?
LC:  When the lag is so bad that I crash in the middle of a performance.  That just drives me crazy.

Do you ever consider how an audience member’s computer setup might affect their enjoyment of your performance?  (ie. – particles, effects, lag, etc.)
LC:  I realize that everyone has a bit of a different control settings or computer capabilities so I do my best to use low lag effects.

What’s the best comment/compliment you’ve ever received about your dancing?
LC:   That it is done very professionally.

Do you have a blog/website/flickr/facebook/other account you’d like to share?
LC:   I have a blog – Miss Lady C.

What’s the most helpful piece of advice you would give someone new to dancing in SL?
LC:  Don’t give up and always do your best.  If your heart is not in it, give it up.

How long do you think a show should be in SL?  Is there an ‘optimum’ max length?
LC:  1 hour.

Where is your favorite spot to spend time in SL if you are not dancing?
LC: Shopping around SL.

Any other thoughts/ideas/comments you’d like to share?
LC: I receive a special enjoyment from performing burlesque.  I like to stick with a more traditional burly act since that is what I did in RL.  I relive those good times here in SL now that I am retired.  It brings back very fond memories.

A big thank you to Lady C for taking the time to be interviewed!


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