Question of the Day #11 – Mover Systems

Yesterday I asked about dance HUDs and what people are using.  I must admit, I was surprised by the results.  For years, HUDDLES was the ‘go-to’ dance HUD.  Then Barre came along and was the new ‘thing.’  Next was SpotOn – and because their HUD is made to work with their mover system, I expected that most people would be using that HUD.  Not so.

According to yesterday’s poll results, the most popular HUD among respondents was The Artiste Performance HUD (47%).  SpotOn Performance Director was the next most popular (27%), followed by the Barre (7%).  The rest of the votes were for various HUDs, including Akeyo and Vista, but not the HUDDLES.

So I’m very interested to see the results of today’s Question of the Day.


If you have a question you would like included in this ‘Question of the Day’ series, please let me know.  As always, please send the link to your friends and ask them to vote!


3 thoughts on “Question of the Day #11 – Mover Systems

    1. It’s a way to move avatars around the stage floor, to have more exact control of where the avatar moves, rather than having the avatar move themselves. Can also be used to move objects about.

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