Question of the Day #10 – Dance HUDs

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I’m learning a lot from the Question of the Day.  Before I started asking them, I would have thought that the audience preferred large stages, lavish sets, and multiple dancers.

Turns out I was wrong.

The audience just wants to be entertained – imagine that!

Yesterday’s question asked whether repeat performances were okay.  Most of the respondents said that repeat performances were okay.

After asking a lot of questions about the audience’s perspective, I thought I’d turn now to asking performers about their preferences.  What tools are dancers using and why?

So for today’s question, I’m starting with a basic tool – the dance HUD.  I know what tools I use and like, and what tools seem to be popular, but perhaps what ‘seems’ popular may really not be.  (As turned out to be the case with some of the audience preferences!)

So, dancers – what dance HUD do you use?  I’ve listed a few of them, but there are too many to include all of them.  If the one you use isn’t on the list, please use the ‘other’ option and let me know which one you prefer.

Thank you all for participating – and don’t forget to nag your friends to weigh in too!


2 thoughts on “Question of the Day #10 – Dance HUDs

  1. This might surprise you given the last time I posted into your blog. But I’ve likely spent several hundred real-life dollars on dances in SL. Across myself and my alts I’ve got hundreds of dances. Almost all of them motion capture (almost no one was doing motion capture when I started in SL, so I have a few older ones that lacked it – that II don’t use but haven’t trashed).

    I actually am an SL dance fanatic – I just don’t see the use of it the same way as you.

    My HUD of choice has become Akeyo’s because it mixes my AO and Dance HUD so my dances are always there on hand – if I can enter a sim without losing my AO, I can still dance – even if they’ve turned off scripts.

    It does have a major downside of not letting me organize them into sets… which would be a critical unusable flaw I suspect, for what you do. But for me its fine as I use all of my dances for my own enjoyment and for socializing.

    Akeyo’s HUD is fairly easy to work with, organize the animations, and if anyone has ever loaded that animation into an Akeyo HUD before, it will know what type it is when you load it in.
    It lets me invite other people, and sync their movement to mine, lets me pick, random, or play in order – and select how long for each animation.

    So an individual, rather than “performer”, its perfect.

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