Question of the Day #4 – Emoting

The results of yesterday’s question of the day were interesting.  I figured that everyone would respond that big stages and lavish sets were what they wanted to see.  Surprisingly, most people answered that their primary focus was to watch a well-made dance sequence with smooth transitions.  Now, that could be because most of the people who answered were dancers.  Or maybe dancers and/or venue owners are focusing on what they think people want, rather than what people actually want.  It’s an interesting thought, and just begs for experimentation.  More food for thought . . .

Today I thought I’d tackle one of the divisive issues when it comes to dance – emoting.  I’ve danced at venues that required emoting, and I’ve danced at venues that prohibited emoting.  I like to emote, but it’s not the end of the world for me if I can’t.  Some dances call for emotes, some don’t.  And not every dancer is comfortable writing emotes.

For this question, I’d like you to focus on what you like as an audience member.  Are emotes a must-have?  Or are emotes a must not?

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One thought on “Question of the Day #4 – Emoting

  1. I think lavish productions are a way of a ‘producer’ exercising their creativity and input. The more people and stuff going on attests to a producers capabilities and admiration from their crew. The more people you have, the more significant the role is as a producer and less, though still important, are the performers roles. And with size comes the ability for a producer to filter out those of their choosing for whatever reasons and be less beholding to temperaments.

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