SLGo now available for iOS

SLGo is a pay-as-you-play platform that lets you run Second Life on your tablet, phone, and now – your iPad!  You don’t need a super-fast PC – SLGo streams information from the cloud to your device, so you can view SL in Ultra settings with little lag.  Reviews for SLGo have been generally positive, with a few negative remarks about the pay-as-you-play feature.  You can get a monthly subscription with unlimited play for $9.95USD or pay $1.00USD per hour to play.

If you’re curious, check out this video from Draxtor:

Draxtor plays: SL Go

So if your PC is an *ahem* older model that groans and wheezes when you try to run Ultra graphics, or turn on shadows, or up your draw distance, you have another option.  Pull out that trusty iPad that’s been gathering dust (because who doesn’t have an iPad just laying around, right?) and give it a Go!  😛

2 thoughts on “SLGo now available for iOS

  1. I am curious to know how much bandwidth this uses. As you know I am an avid Mobile SLer. But if I use my netbook and LL’s client or Lumiya in the mobile it absolutely demolishes my bandwidth. Mobile grid client a lot of people whine about due to the subscription, not realising it lowers the bandwidth SL uses.

    So does OnLive use the full whack bandwidth? If so, why not just use a mobile client. There must be a good one on iOS by now.

    1. Hubby is an Apple fan all the way, and he hasn’t found another app for iOS yet, so I am trusting his expertise on that one. I use Lumiya on my tablet, but I hate the small screens. I want my big monitor! He gave it a trial run, but did crash several times. He tested our ISP and it didn’t seem to be on our end. I chalked it up to tons of people signing up and using that day. I’ll have him try it again and report back. 🙂

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