Question of the Day #3

Yesterday’s question was about paying admission for a show.  Interestingly, the votes were split – some said, ‘Absolutely not!’ and some said, ‘It depends on the show.’  Most dance shows in SL do not charge admission.  I have been to a production that did, but it was a large-scale production, performed multiple times over a ‘season’ and then retired.  I personally felt the price of admission was a little steep, but it was a good production, and some of the money they raised was donated to a charity.

Perhaps those that said, ‘Absolutely not!’ regarding admission consider that the tips they give in effect equal an admission price?  So if you put on (or go to) a show that charges admission, does that mean you shouldn’t expect to receive (or give) tips?  Is not tipping ever acceptable?

Lots of questions!!

So let’s get right to today’s Question of the Day.  For this question, keep your ‘audience’ hat on.  What is your main reason for attending a dance show?


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