Avatar Repertory Theater

In my quest to uncover new things, I came across this post from Inara Pey about ART: ART for you.  As a Shakespeare lover, this is definitely now on my to-visit list.  (I’ve actually been to the theater, but haven’t made it to a show.  Last week they did ‘Flash Gordon,’ but sadly RL interfered and I didn’t make it.)  I want to see a performance so I can decide who I’d like to bid on.  (The actors are having an auction to help raise funds for their efforts.  I visited the theater and checked out the bids so far.  They are ridiculously low, so head on over there right now!!)

If you want to check out the performers first, as I do, you can attend one of the company’s Plays Around performances on Friday, October 21st and Friday, November 7th, both at 5:00pm SLT.  To bid, find the patio area outside of the theater building, where there are bidding panels for the actors participating in Shakespeare By Request. Touch the board for the actor of your choice and place your bid.

Find out more about ART from their website:  Avatar Repertory Theater. 

Don’t forget to bid!!!