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A while ago, Yummy posted a series of articles on the Dance Queens blog regarding items that she termed ‘payoffs’ in a show.  Some were for the performer, some for other performers, and some for the audience.  You can find the various blog posts here, on Yummy’s blog.  (Yummy is the creator of The Artiste HUD – a HUD designed specifically for performers.)

To recap, her definition of ‘payoffs’ is “something that happens that wakes you up or you go “oh  ah”…or if someone asks you what the show was like, these are the things that are at the top of the list that you remember and enumerate.”  The payoffs she listed are:

  • Locale
  • Time Period
  • Costume Change
  • New Cast
  • Clothing
  • Special FX
  • Dance Change
  • Emotes
  • Set
  • Set Change
  • Group Routine
  • Object Change
  • Environment Change
  • Lighting Change

The idea is that in order to be successful in performing (whether you are trying to please yourself, peers, or an audience), one or more of these ‘payoffs’ needs to happen.  As a performer, I know what ‘payoffs’ I like and strive for.  I think I know what payoffs will impress my peers.  But the audience payoffs?  Those are a crap shoot, in my opinion.  Different people have different tastes, so something that one audience member views as a ‘wow’ moment may be a ‘yawn’ moment for another.

I’ve blogged before about how many dance shows seem to be repeats – the same dancers doing the same dances/acts at various venues.  So I’m curious about what ‘payoffs’ are most important – whether you’re an audience member, a dancer, or a venue owner.  So, to try and figure out what ‘payoffs’ are more important (and to satisfy my own personal curiosity), I’m going to introduce a ‘Question of the Day’ feature, where I ask a question and you respond. 😀

I’ll post today’s QOTD later today, so keep an eye out for the post!