Kat’s Weekend News

Image Source: runwritehike.com
Image Source: runwritehike.com

The weekend is finally here!  I’ll be plenty busy, but wanted to share a few things that might make your weekend more enjoyable.  🙂

The Avatar Social Network now has a mobile app – so you can stay connected on-the-go.  Check out more details here.  If you’re on ASN, don’t forget to add me.  🙂

The Dance Queens blog had an advert for a new (to me, anyway) dance venue – Blue Velvet Theater.  They will be doing a Halloween show on October 17.  Check out the details here.  While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the DQ calendar for other upcoming shows – Sat and Sun are always chock full of dance!

After spending some time this week searching the (not very useful) events listing and using the in-viewer search, I’m still looking for new places to explore.  So, if you know of someplace that is a ‘must-see’ in SL, let me know.  Comment here, on my Google+, on ASN, or on my Twitter.

Enjoy your weekend!