Interview with a Dancer #10 – Sarah Elisebeth Brenham

This next dancer has been dancing for quite a while.  She dances at various venues, she is a budding choreographer, and she’s one of the sweetest people on the grid.  Welcome, Sarah!

sarahelisebeth Brenham Pic2



SL Name:  sarahelisebeth Brenham
Display Name:  Sarah Elisebeth Brenham
Rez Day: 09/08/2006





What led you to/How did you start dancing in SL?
SEB: I actually don’t remember, but i got into choreography when i was forced to do a dance for someone

How long have you been dancing?
SEB: Many years.

Where do you dance?
SEB:  The Starlite Theater, The Night Theater and various competitions and exhibitions.

How much time, on average, do you spend in SL each week?
SEB:  About ninety-six hours.

Of that time, how much (%) is spent working on dances/performances?
SEB:  Maybe fifteen percent.

How long does it take you to create a set (start to finish)?
SEB:  Maybe a day.

Name your ‘go-to’ store for dance animations.

What dance HUD do you primarily use?  Why?
SEB:  Right now I’m using a HUD that I got from a dance troupe I was in previously, and the SpotOn Performance Directors HUD.  The HUD I got from the group I was in is so easy to use. The Performance Directors HUD, I was advised to use.

Do you use a movement system?  Which one?  Is there a reason you prefer one over the other?
SEB:  Yes, Spot On Choreography Design. It was suggested that I learn this.

Do you build your own sets or work with a scripter/builder?
SEB:  I work with builders.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten about dancing?
SEB:  As long you love your dance, nobody else’s opinion’s matters.

Do you emote?  Why or why not?
SEB:  Yes. I enjoy telling stories.

Where do you find your music?
SEB:  YouTube.

What are your preferences when it comes to dance performances?  – Large/small sets; particles/none; effects/none; faders/none; emotes/none; movers/none; lighting/none;
SEB:  Depends on my mood.

What’s your favorite store for costuming?
SEB:  Too many to list.

Is there a particular artist (in SL or RL) that inspires you?
SEB:  Again, too many to list.

What’s the most embarrassing or frustrating thing that has happened to you during a performance?
SEB:  I forgot to cache my dances.

Do you ever consider how an audience member’s computer setup might affect their enjoyment of your performance?  (ie. – particles, effects, lag, etc.)
SEB:  Yes.

What’s the best comment/compliment you’ve ever received about your dancing?
SEB:  That they love my work.

What’s the most helpful piece of advice you would give someone new to dancing in SL?
SEB:  Love what you do.

How long do you think a show should be in SL?  Is there an ‘optimum’ max length?
SEB:  Two hours.

Where is your favorite spot to spend time in SL if you are not dancing?
SEB:  The Arbor.

What is one thing you’d like to see ‘arrive’ in SL dance?  (Something that is not currently possible.) 
SEB: Better couple dances.

Do you have a blog/website/flickr/facebook/other account you’d like to share?
SEB: My fashion blog: SohhhSarah   My dancing blog: Dancing Submissive   My Flickr: Sarah Elisebeth Brenham   My Facebook:   Sarahelisebeth Brenham

A big thank you to Sarah for participating in my ‘Interview with a Dancer’ series!