News for your Thursday

This week has just flown by!  There’s been so much happening, it’s been hard to keep up with it all.

  • Facebook has apologized to the LBGT community and has said people will be able to use ‘preferred’ names rather than ‘legal’ ones.  Of course, Facebook also stated that their ‘real name’ policy has been enforced improperly.  Yeah, right.  -.-  If you’re an avatar (or even if you’re not), I’d still dump Facebook.  There are plenty of other options out there, if you look.  (Google+, ASN, Ello, etc.)
  • A&M has released another new dance: Medieval Couples/Group.  I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet – I hope there’s also a solo version.  🙂
  • I’ve seen a lot of buzz about the different mesh bodies available recently. Would someone please do a comparison of them?  SLink, Belleza, TheMeshProject, Lena, and whatever others are available?  Pretty please?

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Tomorrow starts the weekend!!


3 thoughts on “News for your Thursday

  1. Facebook should be apologizing to everybody. They put our RL families at risk by forcing us to use our real names on their site, not letting us protect our identities. I despise FB.

    1. The sad part is, I don’t believe them. I think they are just doing some CYA PR and in a few months, when this has all blown over, things will be back to where they are now. My choice has been to just stop using Facebook. If more people took that step, Facebook would change or go out of business. Either one would be an improvement. 🙂

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