Sometimes, Mesh Stinks

Don’t get me wrong.  I love mesh.  Usually.

But sometimes, it just stinks.

When you go somewhere that is crowded (like Uber), even if you have a decent computer, stuff takes time to rez.  So when you run into other people, instead of looking ‘put-together,’ they look like this:

It's a jigsaw puzzle, right?
It’s a jigsaw puzzle, right?

Her head is in the right place, but her dismembered legs are floating along behind her, she’s wearing her boobs on her right arm, and she seems to have misplaced one of her hands.  And let’s not forget her feet, which are floating behind her head, not inside her shoes.

And she’s not alone.

Not one single person on the sim (besides myself), appeared correctly to me.  And sadly, I assume I appeared in the same broken way to them.  😦

I kept waiting, not only waiting for items to rezz in, but for the other avatars to as well.  It was an exercise in disappointment.  Items finally rezzed in, but the people never did.  There were mesh feet, mesh clothes, mesh hands, and mesh shoes floating everywhere.

It was like walking around in a Salvador Dali landscape.

Dali-esqueUmm, excuse me, ma’am?  Your butt seems to be attached to your chin.

You, over there.  Floating head guy.  What happened to you?

See what I mean?  This is how mesh makes avatars look better??

And these are only the PG shots.  There were plenty of people who might as well have been walking around naked, because their mesh clothing was floating next to them, not covering anything.  Eeek!

This is why I rarely use mesh when I dance.  Nothing good comes of it.

The pièce de résistance, however, was yet to come.  As I was leaving the sim, this walked by:




Apparently her giant head ate the rest of her.

But left her (adorable) shoes.

And that, folks, is why sometimes, mesh stinks.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Sometimes, Mesh Stinks

  1. Don’t knock it! As I access SL on a netbook toaster and mobile phone I always find bodies rez a minute before mesh clothes. Its fantastic! I have never seen so many boobs in my life….



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