In Search of Something New

ILove DanceI love going to dance shows.  A lot.  I love watching other people’s creations.  But lately (even after being gone for several months), it doesn’t seem like there is much ‘new’ happening in the dance scene in SL.  (It could just be me, but . . .)

Six months to a year ago, it seemed like there was a new dance troupe or venue opening every other day.  Now – not so much.  And even places that are still around don’t seem very active sometimes.

It’s the way of SL, I guess.  Flavor of the month, and all that.  People move on, the time commitment of running a venue or troupe is too much, or they just lose interest.

I’m hoping that soon there will be a renewed ‘energy’ in the dance community.  There have already been some things developed that I thought for sure we’d never see – like the ability to ‘layer’ animations.

But more ‘new’ is wanted!  I went dance animation shopping yesterday (well, really, I went to all the shops to update my blog list – don’t forget to check out the ‘Dance Animations’ page!), but there really weren’t that many ‘new’ animations out there.  Plenty of ones I don’t have, of course, but something ‘new’ is always better, right?

So – if you know of a dance/animation maker I don’t have listed on the blog, that makes/sells some terrific animations, let me know.  I’m ready for a shopping spree!!