Overwhelmed with stuff?

Big Inventory  How big is your inventory?  Mine seems like it is always overflowing.  It’s nowhere near 100K+ items, but crowded for my tastes nonetheless.

I recently came across some blog posts about decreasing your inventory – tips and tricks on getting rid of unwanted/unused items.  I know that there are groups for getting rid of duplicate gacha items (you know, you got 75 copies of the common blue, before getting that hot rare gold!).  But what about stuff that is just no longer wanted?

I have a ton of items sitting in my inventory right now that I will never use.  As a performer, I use either full perm or copy/mod items to use when I’m building sets so that I can put them in a set rezzer.  Oh, sure, I could just use ‘restore to last position’ with no-copy items, but I don’t want to chance it.  I’ve lost a couple of really nice items into the ether doing that.

Some items are just things I’ve picked up here and there (hunt items, group gifts, etc.).  Many of them are really great items – again, I just won’t ever use them.

The blog posts I read talked about selling your unwanted/unused items at a yard sale, or putting them up for sale on Marketplace.  It sounds like a great idea – get rid of stuff and make a few $L in the process.  My only concern is the ‘etiquette’ in reselling unwanted/unused items that were hunt items or group gifts.  If the item is ‘transfer’ is it fair game for resell?  (Mind you, I’m not talking about FP/freebie items where it clearly states resell is not allowed.)

Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think!