Project Interesting

According to Inara Pey’s blog, LL has released ‘Project Interesting’ – read her informative blog post here.

‘Project Interesting’ is said to make object loading better – it will load, for example, floors, doors, and walls first, and objects further away will not be rezzed until you are closer to them.  Included at the bottom of Inara’s post is a video by Torley Linden showing how ‘Project Interesting’ will improve viewer performance.

This follows the previous phase of improvements – Project Sunshine, which introduced SSA to help with faster loading of textures.  No more walking around grey or blurry!

(I have noticed, however, that with the advent of mesh, I often see others as naked with mesh clothing attached vertically to their hands until everything rezzes completely.  Or with hair floating several inches above their heads.  Gotta love SL!)