New Mesh Avatars

While scrolling through my Reader, I found a post by Jo Yardley with some pictures of some of the new mesh avatars that LL is rolling out for new accounts.

You can find the pictures of the avatars on Jo’s blog post here.

I must say, I am not all that impressed with the avatars.  I’ve tried a mesh avatar myself (the WowMeh mesh body) and I didn’t really care for the way it looked.  There were some nice features, including the fact that your derriere doesn’t become a pancake when you sit.  However, the ankles seemed incredibly tiny in proportion to the rest of the legs.  Also, it appears that most of my current clothing inventory wouldn’t work with the mesh body.  After having just purchased some SLink hands and feet (which would be useless (and unnecessary) with a mesh body), I hate to waste all those lindens.

I think that you can wear some mesh clothing with the mesh avatar body (I’m not very clear on how that will work), but I don’t like to wear mesh when I dance.  Mesh stretches in weird ways when you move/dance, it appears ‘broken’ depending on your movement/dance, and pieces of you are invisible due to the alphas that most mesh clothing requires.

Does this mean that ‘basic’ avatars are on the way out?  Will I no longer be able to find clothing for my ‘basic’ avatar unless I wear mesh?

It will be interesting to see how/if SL users welcome the new mesh avatars.  I may create a new account just to see what they are like.  And what of the ‘library’ of things (including clothing) that LL includes with all new accounts (you know, those folders of stuff you never use but can’t delete)?  Will it now include mesh clothing that will work with the mesh avatars?  Or will you just get one ‘outfit’ and that’s it?