Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the Elvis tie-in. 😀

Canary Beck (one of the creators of Paradise Lost at the Basilique Theatre) posted an interesting question.  (Read the original post and lots of comments here.)

So what is Second Life for you? A lonely place? Or an escape from loneliness? Or is it neither? Maybe you can’t relate to how anyone could consider this big, crowded, ever-changing world of ours to be lonely?

I’ve read that many people turn to virtual worlds like SL because they are lonely.  Perhaps that’s true.  It’s not the reason I am in SL.  That said, I do often find SL to be a lonely (ie, empty) place.  When I first joined SL, I spent a lot of time going to clubs, dancing and chatting.  When I started performing in dance shows, much of time in SL began to be taken up by rehearsals, performances, and working on creating my next act.  Creating is usually a solo activity.  When you’re trying to work out a problem with timing, looking at endless animations to find just the one you want, or listening to a song for the 3 millionth time, it’s not conducive to chatting and socializing (for me, anyway).

When I’m not creating something, I usually have a list of places to visit or things to see – an interesting sim, an art installation, a dance show, Fantasy Faire – whatever.  However, even when I go to places that I hear are typically crowded (like The Arcade or Fantasy Faire) I don’t usually find them to be so.  Maybe it’s just luck of timing, but I was at Fantasy Faire for several hours the other day and only ran into one other person.

I don’t spend much time going to clubs anymore.  When I do, more often than not, the inane chatter going on is not something I’m interested in joining.  And since deep philosophical discussions are not usual fare in SL, I don’t chat much, other than polite hellos/goodbyes.  So while I am often (usually) alone in SL, I am not ‘lonely.’

What about you?