Winding Roads

I was planning to attend the Basilique Salon yesterday.  The Salon is a group meeting where participants discuss a chosen topic.  Yesterday’s was ‘What brought you to Second Life, and what keeps you here?’ (See Canary Beck’s post here if you want to read more about the Salon.)  I was interested to see how other people discovered Second Life, how long they’ve been around, and what reasons they have to stay.  (Mostly because I’m a Nosey McNoseyPants, but also because my own story is so convoluted.)

Then I got to wondering how people ‘discover’ something they love that keeps them entertained in SL.  For some it’s club-hopping, some love to chat, some love to build, and some love to dance. 😀

Now, if you’ve been paying any attention at all, you know that my favorite thing to do in SL is dance.  But I didn’t know when I first rezzed into existence that dancing would be my ‘thing’ in SL.  The first kind of dancing I was introduced to was club dancing.  Go to a club, click the dance ball, choose a dance, and voilá, you’re a Solid Gold dancer! (I just dated myself with that reference, didn’t I? *sigh*)

After lots of club-hopping and buying my own HUD and dances to put in it, I worked as a hostess for several clubs.  I even took a course in SL for hostessing and DJ’ing (something that looked fun, but that I totally don’t have the music library for!) to learn tips and tricks.  It didn’t take terribly long for me to get burnt out as a hostess.  Then a friend told me that the club where he hosted was looking for chorus dancers for a show they were doing.  I auditioned, was hired, and was totally hooked.  I’ve been dancing in shows ever since.

As you can see, it was a winding road that led me to dancing in shows.  I didn’t rezz into SL knowing exactly what I wanted to do.

So I’m curious – how did YOU discover your passion in SL?  Did you know before logging in exactly where you were going?  Or did it take you months (or years) to discover dance in SL? 



4 thoughts on “Winding Roads

  1. Passion for SL? Its a game! 😀

    Discovered SL through an article in New Scientist magazine.

    Took 3 or 4 attempts to join SL and stick at it for more than 3 days over a few years (theres some Pre Nai Nai’s out there).

    Passion for dance? I dont dance >.>

  2. I found it through a friend in a chat group. I came to SL because I wanted to be a mermaid. I wanted to buy a sim and build my fantasy world. But right after I got here, I discovered shopping. A huge distraction from learning to build. Then a vampire neighbour bit me and I got into Bloodlines for two years. Loved it! Was a queen, had a clan. Then got bored, found Gorean roleplay, starting dancing, married my SL partner in RL, and now only come to SL to dance. It’s what I get that I can’t really get in RL… dance shows.

    1. I still want to be a mermaid! I would love to buy my own sim as well, but that won’t be happening anytime soon. I think SL is what you make of it – sometimes I am too dance-focused though, I think. I miss a lot of other things because I’m busy with performances. But it’s always so interesting to hear everyone else’s stories!

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