Kaleidoscope Revisited – Shadows Silhouette Dancers

Recently I was able to attend the latest Shadows Silhouette Dancers show – “Kaleidoscope Revisited.”  It’s a revamp of a previous show (which I missed).  It was, as always, very well done.  Shadow always has excellent choreography and I love that most of the shows have some sort of storyline or theme.

This show was a ‘mind trip’ – in between acts, the screen flashed words like Insanity, Defiance, and Happiness.  I’ll let you figure out which word applies to which set.  🙂  The show has a couple of showings left on Saturday, May 3, at 6am and 1pm.  If you haven’t seen it yet, mark your calendars.  🙂

KR 1

KR 2

KR 3

KR 4

KR 5

KR 6

KR 7