Education in Second Life

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about education and SL, something that interests me (since I’m a teacher).

I can certainly see potential in using SL for all kinds of different educational applications.  For example, I once had students recreate the town from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ using Google SketchUp.  The students loved it (even though Google SketchUp was a complete pain!). It would have been so much easier to do the same sort of thing in SL.  However, having to install a viewer on every laptop in the school and then having every student sign up for an account would have been logistically impossible (for many reasons that had nothing to do with SL).

But the possibilities remain.  Now that LL is once again (?) providing ‘educational’ discounts, perhaps there will be an uptick in educators using it.

The latest Drax Files episode showcases what a Texas University is doing with and within SL:

*Note: if the embedded video doesn’t appear for you, click here for the link.