Kittens N Tigers Titanic Show Today!

The Kittens N Tigers (Diddy Hyun’s troupe) is putting on their ‘Titanic’ show today (4/30) at 2pm.


This is not just a dance show, it is a play/musical.  To make it all look more realistic and also to add some fun they will be inviting six members of the audience to dance with them.  Get there early if you’re interested in joining them onstage.  If you’d like to do that, here are the instructions Didds included with the show invite:

“Because I will will be busy at the time of the show I thought this might come in handy for you, below are the step by step instructions on what to do.  We will need six guest dancers, preferably couples or at least 3 men and 3 women.  Just a big thank you before we start for being here and joining in.  Our guest dancers start on SONG 4 , BUT IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE MOVERS READY AT THE START OF THE SHOW ——–you can zoom around to watch.

STEP 1 ——–make sure first of all that Dids is standing on her mover
STEP 2 ———Take off your AO
STEP 3 ——–sit on the mover and accept the invite to Dids hud

The movers to stand on are little arrows behind stage to your right in front of the ship , they have a floating text  on them saying female 1 male 1, female 2 male 2 , female 3 male 3.”

Didds also included a free tux and/or gown if you have nothing to wear.

The Kittens N Tigers always put on a good show, so if you have the time, grab a friend and run, don’t walk, to the show!