Minsky’s Burlesque

I managed to make it to a few new shows this weekend.  One of them was Minsky’s Burlesque.  The venue bills itself as hearkening back to the days of ‘real’ burlesque, including a performer named GypsyRoseLee of SL.  The theatre build is very elegant, as were the dancers.

The opening number was Madonna’s ‘Sooner or Later’ from the Dick Tracy soundtrack (one of my favorite songs).

MB 1

I didn’t get pictures of every number, and I don’t recall all of the songs (it was a looong weekend!), but the dancers were pretty:

MB 2

The last number was set in a 50’s diner with some fast jive dancing – some of my favorites!

MB 3

I’m not sure when (or if) Minsky’s has a regular show, but if you see a notice, go check it out!