What Dance HUD do you use?

There are a million dance HUDs to choose from in SL.  How do you know which one works best for you?

For most people, I suspect it’s trial and error.  After doing several interview with dancers and troupe leaders, I got to wondering.

What is the most popular dance HUD?  I know there will be different choices based on use.  For instance, someone who goes club-hopping doesn’t need all the fancy extras that dance performers do in a dance HUD.  My first dance HUD was a cheap (probably free) chimera.  Shortly after that, I found the HUDDLES.  I bought the less expensive version.  I used it to dance onstage, happily clicking away, until I learned about the Deluxe version and the ability to do sequences with a note card.

After using the Deluxe version for several years, I was introduced to the Barre.  The Barre was my go-to HUD until a friend introduced me to the SpotOn Director’s HUD.  I still have my HUDDLES, and I still use the Barre to do choreography, but I am relying more and more on the Director’s HUD.

I’ve tried many dance HUDs through the years – I’ve used the Animazoo HUD, the Henmations HUD, the MLDU5 HUD, and the Fleursoft HUD.  Although many of them had options I liked (I loved the webpage loading on the Henmations HUD and the recording function on the Fleursoft was amazing), none of them came close to what I needed in a performance dance HUD except the HUDDLES and Barre.

However, after several interviews, I find people are using HUDs I’ve never even heard of.  I’ve been thinking of doing a comparison of HUDs – not to determine which one is ‘the best,’ but to determine which HUDs are better for certain functions.  I’ve never heard of/used the +AFY+ HUD or the BPAC HUD, for example.  I’ve not seen/read much about The Artiste HUD (one that I’ve used and has tons of capabilities).

So, I’m curious.  What dance HUD do you use?  Leave a comment with the name of the HUD you use and why you love it (or don’t).