SpotOn Releases Costume Assistant

The folks at SpotOn have released a new ‘Costume Assistant’ HUD.

According to their website, the Costume Assistant lets you “easily change avatar attachments, clothing layers, even entire outfits, with a command either typed in local chat or issued from your Performance Director HUDat the precise moment needed in your routine.”  I purchased the Costume Assistant yesterday and I am excited to try it out and see how it works with the Director’s HUD.  I already use the mover system (both the solo mover and the group formation mover), so using the Director’s HUD lets me keep everything in one place.

The ‘timeline’ configuration took some getting used to, but now that I (sort of) know what I’m doing, it’s getting easier to design routines.

The Costume Assistant does require RLV to work (which isn’t available on the LL official viewer).  I use Firestorm and already have RLV enabled, so I should be good to go!!