Manic Monday

I have tons of stuff on my to-do list today and they will, unfortunately, keep me from blogging as much as I’d like to.  So while I enjoy my ‘Manic Monday,’ here’s a few thoughts for you to ponder:

  • Would you be interested in some kind of ‘tech-talk’ feature?  Where I ask people in the dance community specific technical questions – about HUDs, effects, particles, movers, etc. – like a ‘how-to’ series.  ??
  • I’ve been to several shows recently where I had issues with footwear not appearing correctly.  (Due to the lighting problem I covered here.)  Do performers not think about different lighting models?  Or do they assume everyone’s set-up is the same?  Would it be better if I turned off the advanced lighting when I attend shows?
  • I’d like to add some tutorial videos to the blog – what kind of videos would you like to see?

Today is also the 21st, so if you’re a shoe fanatic (like I am), be sure to check out the 21Shoe event today!