How Do You Finance Your SL?

About two weeks ago, I decided that I needed to quit going on hunts, playing gachas, and picking up freebies.  My inventory is already driving me crazy and I have more clothes (and shoes!) than I will ever wear.  It’s become a hunt in itself to find anything in my inventory.  I keep getting distracted by other things I find – “Oh, this dress is adorable!  When did I get this sofa?  Why do I have a wearable penguin?”  I have a bad habit of picking up an outfit, thinking I will use it in a performance.  I stick it in a folder, and promptly forget about it.

It got me to wondering, how many Lindens have I spent on things I never use or wear?  Too many.  -.-

And, as many of you know very well, dancing in SL in not an expensive proposition.  Oh, sure, dancers and venues get tips, but usually nowhere near the amount of L$ it actually costs to put on the show and/or maintain the venue.  After interviewing several dancers and seeing a couple of ‘posh’ performances recently, I also got to wondering – how does everyone else ‘finance’ their SL?  Do you classify it as a ‘hobby’ and give it a budget?  Do you just spend what you want and don’t think about it?  Do you have an in-world business that helps to defray costs?  A sugar daddy/momma to finance your way?

Just to satisfy my own curiosity (you know how curious Kats are :P), I thought I’d take a poll.

I’d really like to know.  🙂