Do You SLink?

Hello, my name is Kat, and I’m a shoe addict.  😀

I love the way high-heeled shoes look – glamorous and oh, so sexy!  However, I refuse to wear them in RL (with a very few exceptions).  High-heeled shoes do nothing in RL but wreck your feet.  After watching countless friends and family deal with things like hammertoes, bunions, bone spurs, and the like, I swore off high heels.

But in SL, I can wear high-heels 24/7 and never have to give it a second thought.  Consequently, I own about 500 pairs of shoes!  I have always hated the wear the default avatar feet look (see here), so when I discovered invisprim shoes, I was in heaven. Then mesh came along and SL got even better!

I am constantly on the lookout for new and sexy shoes – a good friend introduced me to N-Core and they have become my go-to shoe store.  However, I keep seeing ads for SLink hands and feet.  What’s a girl to do?

I broke down several months ago and bought a pair of SLink hands.  I must admit, they do look a million times better than the default avatar hands – something I really never gave a thought to before.  I love being able to change the nail polish (now I’m a SLink polish addict, lol) to match my outfit and/or mood.

But for someone who doesn’t have a ton of Lindens to spend, the SLink products are a little pricey.  I only bought one pair of hands and while I love them, I haven’t quite figured out all the details about them yet.  I haven’t tried wearing rings, and I have had issues with clothing that doesn’t appear correctly because of the alpha you have to wear with the hands.

Plus, I like to have options.  So being stuck with only one hand pose isn’t my first choice.  But again, with limited Lindens, sometimes it’s a matter of priorities.  I know that content creators spend a lot of time and effort creating their products.  The reality for me is that, no matter how much I like something, it isn’t always feasible for me budget-wise.

I’ve been debating about getting the SLink feet – I am totally in love with some of the shoe designs I’ve seen.  Then I’m stuck with another dilemma – there are 3 different heights of SLink feet (flat, mid, and high) and not all shoes work with all heights.  So how do I decide which one to get?

I’ve also been debating saving up and getting more SLink hands.  Someone asked in group chat the other day if there was an easy way to change from one hand style to another – something I’d thought about, because it would be nice to switch things up – wear one style on one hand and a different one on the other.  So I could, say, carry a bag in one hand, and show off my rings on the other.  Wonder of wonders, someone else had already had the same idea and you can buy a HUD that lets you switch hand styles on the fly – such a time and hassle saver!!

Do you SLink?  If you do, let me know how you like them and if you would recommend them. 🙂