I Just Don’t Understand . . .

Someone please explain the necessity for talking and/or enormous body parts in SL to me.

I don’t get it.

I mean, I understand that in SL, you can do and be many things that you simply can’t do/be in RL.  I get it, I do.  I can be a furry dog who owns a cabaret (:P), I can be a petite elf sprite with gossamer wings, or I can be a giant red dragon who will toast you and eat you.  I can fly in SL, even though I’m not Superman.

But I just don’t understand the talking body parts.

“Ashley’s tummy is rumbling.”


If the body parts talked to their owner only, I’d be okay with that.  I mean, my tummy talks to me in RL, right?  But it doesn’t broadcast my craving for ice cream to everyone within 20 meters.  I don’t understand pregnancy in SL, either.  I get that people might want to have kids to add to the realism.  But childbirth?  Why??????

As for *ahem* private parts that talk, I don’t get that either.  I’d like to decide when I’m done, thank you very much.

I also wonder at the need for items like the boob and butt attachments.  The shape sliders seem to allow plenty of ‘oomph’ in the bosom and bottom department, so I don’t understand the need for appliers.  And, of course, it is always taken to extremes – I recently saw a woman (I’m using the term loosely here) with enormous ta-tas with a milking apparatus attached to them.


This was at a dance venue, mind you, not some adult sim I accidentally tp’d into.

I just don’t understand.