What do you mean I can’t wear my 2005 shoes anymore?!

Ok, so lately an issue has been bothering me.  I recently was able to upgrade my internet (yay!) from snail speed to something approaching normal.

As a result, I’ve been attending more dance shows. (Because now I can actually see everything!)  I plan to update my graphics card, because I still can’t run at ultra settings.  But in the meanwhile, I was enjoying going to the shows and having the ability to turn on Advanced Lighting – something that would guarantee a crash on my old internet.  However, when taking photos at the shows (to post here, of course!), I noticed that shoes didn’t render properly.  I would see the nasty plain avatar feet in the lovely shape that appears when you wear a shoe base.  Like this:

Losing consciousness . . . from the ugly . . .
Losing consciousness . . . from the ugly . . .

I would see these hideously ugly feet, even when the person was clearly wearing shoes.  I suspected it had something to do with the invisiprims that shoe creators used ‘back in the day,’ but I didn’t know exactly what the issue was.  So I would see this:

Shoes . . . but still seeing the hideous feet . . . Whaaaa???

I would go to a show, or anywhere, really and see this:

Cool boots - too bad they don't fit :-(
Cool boots – too bad they don’t fit 😦

So, today, when I had some time to research, I discovered a few things.  One, apparently invisiprims were a ‘hack’ in the LL code that content creators used in order to allow us to avoid hideous avatar feet.  Two, at some point (I think in 2011), LL changed something (I’d tell you what it was – if they rewrote the code, debugged the error, or whatever they did, except that I’m not a tech geek and I have no idea WHAT they actually did) and so now invisiprims don’t work.  We now have alpha layers, so most new shoes (and other items) come with an alpha layer to hide the hideous avatar feet.

However, in researching the issue, I also found that there is also a way to make invisiprims work – sort of.  If you have Advanced Lighting enabled, you will see the shoes/feet as shown in the second and third pics above.  If, however, you simply turn off Advanced Lighting, the shoes will appear as they should.  Like this:

Gorgeous! Am I right??

However, it only works for others if they also have Advanced Lighting turned off.  Since there’s no way to know who does/doesn’t have Advanced Lighting enabled, you run the risk of others seeing your hideous avatar feet.  So, sadly, I have decided to (gasp!) get rid of my old shoes.


On the bright side, it’s totally a valid excuse to go shoe shopping!!!  N-Core, here I come!!!

*Grabs her hubby’s shiny new credit card and skips happily out the door*

3 thoughts on “What do you mean I can’t wear my 2005 shoes anymore?!

  1. I actually noticed this too as I have recently returned to my Second Life since I managed to get a new computer that actually has the ability to run it. I have also ditched many of the old shoes in favour of the new, even if they were amazing 😦

      1. Well, I bought some a few days back and I must say, they look so pretty in sandals and peep toes! Well worth the 675L tag…Its just a case of making sure your skin will match them

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