Do You Mesh?

Mesh is another one of those divisive topics in Second Life.  It seems you either love it or hate it.

Me – I’m in the middle.

I like mesh because my skirt doesn’t fall through my legs or the chair when I sit down.  The edges are crisp and clear and look like clothing I’m wearing, not clothing I painted on.

I don’t like mesh because you have to wear alpha layers, which usually don’t fit my avatar well, so pieces and parts poke through unless I stand still.  Since there is a limit of 5 alpha layers, wearing a layer for shoes (or feet), hands, shirts, pants, hair – it doesn’t take long to hit the 5 layer limit.  And though I have modified my shape for mesh clothes, I refuse to clog up my inventory with a shape for every outfit.  Another reason I dislike mesh – because of the multiple sizes, I’m left with a ton of items in my inventory that I don’t need/want.  But the ‘what-if’ voice in my head won’t let me just delete them.  😛

Lindal Kidd wrote an interesting blog post about mesh and alpha layers.  With the advent of items like Lola’s, the Phat Azz, and the latest – mesh avatar heads – how long will it be before we’re using alphas to completely obscure the original avatar in favor of mesh? (Specifically for human avatars, as tinies, furries, and the like already do this.)  Check out Lindal’s post here.

What about using mesh clothing when you dance?  I’ve heard from people on both sides.  Some dancers love mesh because it looks more realistic.  Some dancers hate mesh because of the alpha layers which render parts of your body invisible.  It can be a little disconcerting to watch someone dance and then when they do a jump, leap, turn, spin, breakdance move, whatever, their legs don’t appear to be attached to their bodies.  For dancers who remove/change costume pieces during a performance, the alphas can be problematic, because it may take a few seconds for the alpha to disappear and that portion of the avatar to reappear.  (Imagine watching someone dance, remove a coat, and then appear as if their torso is missing – a little disconcerting.)

What would you like to see change about mesh to make it better?  Or would you rather mesh just went away?