Tipping is not a town in China . . .

Dancing is a very expensive undertaking in SL.  So at most shows, there are tip jars.

Tip jars for the individual dancers, or perhaps a group jar (so the dancers can split the tips), as well as a venue jar.  If there is an MC and/or a DJ, there may be tip jars for them as well.

So when do you tip?

Do you always tip when you go to a show?  Do you tip the dancers and the venue?  What about the MC or DJ?  How much do you tip?  It’s interesting to me how much the tipping varies from venue to venue.  Some dancers make little to no lindens when they dance.  At other venues, I’ve seen dancers make $500-$1000L before they even take the stage.

Is it because of the cultural differences?  I know that some cultures consider tipping rude.  And how do you know how much is appropriate to tip?

Do you just give what you can?  Do you have a set/regular amount you tip?  Do you not tip at all?

Take the poll below – I’d love to know!