Halloween’d Out

Image Source: quotespictures.com

Image Source: quotespictures.com

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older.  Maybe it’s because my kids are getting older.  But I’m already tired of Halloween.

I’ve never been big into horror films (in fact, I avoid them like the plague).  I don’t watch ‘The Walking Dead,’ and I don’t believe in a Zombie Apocalypse (a social media zombie apocalypse, yes).  You can’t turn around in SL around this time of year without running into something Halloween.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy a holiday as much as the next person.  I love seeing kids in their costumes and handing out candy.  But witches and pumpkins and spiders and ghosts and ghouls and zombies and skeletons  . . .   Not my thing.

I’m on Halloween overload.



Question of the Day #9 – Repeat Performances

Image Source: materredemptoris.blogspot.com

Image Source: materredemptoris.blogspot.com

Yesterday’s question of the day asked if audience members had a preference – a show featuring only dancers, a show featuring a mix of acts, or a show with anything BUT dancers.  I was glad to see that no one voted for the last option.  The majority of people voting said they would prefer to see a show with a mixture of acts.  So if you are a venue owner, perhaps that is something to think about.  At the very least, a stand-up comedian, for instance, is probably a lot less script-heavy than a dance act. ;)

Today’s question of the day deals with repeat performances.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I go to a lot of dance shows.  Because many dancers perform at more than one venue, I often end up seeing repeat acts.  So I’m curious if audience members (or dancers themselves) have a strong opinion about repeat performances.  There are also big productions that, because of their size and complexity, are performed repeatedly and then retired.

Since the last QOTD showed that people enjoyed variety, I’m wondering if that carries over to viewing repeat performances.  So weigh in and let me know what you think.


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Experiment – Volunteers Needed

One of the things I love about writing a blog is the conversations and discussions that spring from it.  I’ve been discussing the question of whether dance in SL should be considered ‘art.’

My resounding answer is YES.  Yes, we all use the same basic tools.  Yes, we use animations that don’t change.  But the way in which we use the tools and create a dance is unique to each performer and is most definitely ‘art.’

In discussing the issue with others, I made the statement that if you gave 4 dancers the same song, odds are you’d end up with 4 very different routines. Now, I don’t think you could do this in a dance performance.  What audience will want to hear the same song 4 times in a row?  BUT – it would be possible to video the dances and then let people view them at their leisure.

So, if you are a dancer, and you’re interested in participating in my little experiment, let me know.  I haven’t settled on a song yet, but I have a few ideas in mind.

This will be interesting. :)



Question of the Day #8 – Dance or Variety Show?

Yesterday’s question of the day inquired about audience preferences for an ‘after-show’ experience.  Strangely (I found it strange, anyway), no one was interested in an after-show social mixer.  The rest of the respondents were evenly split between an audience participation dance as a closing number, or just heading home after the show.

Today’s question asks whether there is preference among audience members for strictly dance numbers in a show, or whether there is any interest in other types of acts.


Don’t forget to send the link to your friends and ask them to weigh in with their opinions.

Enjoy your Monday!


Question of the Day #7 – Post Show Experience

Yesterday’s question of the day asked for your preference when it comes to special FX – particles, lights, moving set pieces, fading sets, etc.  Most of you felt that any/all of it was good.

Today I want to ask about post-show options.  There are a few places around the grid that have post-show activities – whether it’s a social mixer, an audience participation dance, or what have you.  When you attend a dance show, do you like having a post-show option?  If so, what is your top choice?  Voice your opinion in the poll below.


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Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. :-D


Is Dance in SL art?

Image Source: sldancequeens.blogspot.com

Image Source: sldancequeens.blogspot.com

It’s always nice to hear someone else’s perspective, because it makes you think.  Especially if it’s a perspective you’ve never really thought about before.

I’ve been asking all sorts of questions on the blog lately (and will continue doing so), but I was particularly struck by someone’s opinion.  Not because I think their opinion is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad,’ but because it’s a perspective I had never considered.

When I first came into SL, I was at clubs all the time.  Not to socialize, but to dance.  That was my focus.  And once I discovered dance shows and how to choreograph, I was hooked.  Dance is my ‘thing’ in SL.  It’s why I am here at all.  I love dancing, I love watching others dance, I love making dances. Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance!

Now, we all know that there are things we’ve become ‘blind’ to after being in SL for a while.  We have become accustomed to people’s hair and clothing (flexi-prims) moving through their avatar.  We know that when someone appears to be sitting ‘in’ a chair rather than ‘on’ it, chances are they forgot to turn off their AO.  When people look naked on a crowded sim, or clothing appears to float in the air behind them, we know that all the mesh they’re wearing hasn’t loaded yet.  They’re not really wandering around naked.

When we dance in SL, we used pre-made animations.  Animations that, as was pointed out, always look exactly the same every time.  So how can we call dancing ‘interesting’ or ‘entertaining’ or ‘art’ when it’s just a pre-made animation loop?

Now, I have my own thoughts on this question, but I’d like to hear yours.

So, whether you’re a dancer, a venue owner, or an audience member (or all 3!), let me hear your thoughts.  Is dance in SL art?